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Poster for Far Off Sounds: The Sound of No Music

Far Off Sounds: The Sound of No Music

Coming on March 20

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Run Time: 120 min.

Far Off Sounds and The Film Lab Present:

The Sound of No Music + VHS Screening and Release + Pop up by Dr. Sushi

On March 20th at 6pm at The Film Lab in Hamtramck, documentary series Far Off Sounds will premier their latest episode “The Sound of No Music” about the Japanese experimental sound art troupe Marginal Consort. The 13 minute short follows the group around Los Angeles preparing for their annual 3 hour concert, interviewing them about the nature of their work, and subsequently documenting the performance.

The members of Marginal Consort met in art school in 1970’s Japan. They create elaborate instrumental systems from household items and hardware-store treasures. Once a year, Marginal Consort meets up to perform. They don’t rehearse or talk in between these annual consorts. In 2018, they came to Los Angeles for the first time. The performance stretched from 9PM to midnight. In the midst of it, time contracted and dissolved, and nothing changed.

In collaboration with Detroit-based label Tool and Die Recordings, the event marks the official release of the Far Off Sounds’ VHS tape. The two-hour tape features special Director’s cuts of Far Off Sounds productions Echoes Throughout The Land, The First Law, and a bonus never before seen episode about Scrummage Records. Having never previously been screened in Michigan, the event features a straight from VHS screening of the tape in all its nostalgically compressed glory.

The film consists of short documentaries about new age musician Iasos; street performer The Space Lady; Tuvan throat-singers Huun Huur Tu; Ethiopian Jazz legend Hailu Mergia; Cambodian-diasporic musicians in Long Beach, CA; local Cybernetic Afrofuturist Onyx Ashanti; Grammy award-winning Microtonal musician John Schneider, and more.

The VHS tape will be available for sale at the event.

Refreshments will be available for sale by local sustainable sushi company Dr. Sushi.

Admission for Friday nights at The Film Lab are $6.00

The Film Lab is located at 3105 Holbrook Ave, Hamtramck, MI 48212.